Dairy cattles

We offer many solutions for dairy cattles breeding: advanced milking, free stalling or with berths (with gratings, dung scrapers or mats)

Dairy cattles Cowshed for advanced milking

Dairy cattles Cowshed with bedding relaying

Dairy cattles Cowshed with berths

Dairy cattles Cowshed with gratins

Dairy cattles Cowshed with dung scraper

Dairy cattles Cowshed with mats

Self-catching racks

They are necessary to make animal control easier. The farmer can block safety the animal during veterinary inspections or make animal meats quieter. Confined animals have a quiet meal without wasting food.

Dairy cattles Normal self-catching racks

Dairy cattles Antishocking and antinoise self-catching racks

Dairy cattles Martina self-catching rack


They are created for the best comfort and health of the animals while they are resting. They are designed for saving a great amount of straw.

Dairy cattles Normal type

Dairy cattles California type

Dairy cattles Piano type

Dairy cattles Elastic type

Dairy cattles New type

Dairy cattles Easy type


They are made by tubes Ý 42-48-60, with 3 or 4 rods, available in the length you need or extensible.

Dairy cattles 3 rods menís footstep gate

Dairy cattles 4 rods gate

Dairy cattles C.P.L. extensible gate rising as a level crossing with shock absorber

Dairy cattles Vertical rods gate

Drinking trough

The water availability is essential for physiological needs of animals. Overturning tanks of stainless steel can maintain the water quality.

Dairy cattles

Dairy cattles

Dairy cattles


TOP RELAX mats (5 or 7 cm/2 or 2,8 inches) are made of rubber (ecolattex). They are comfortable and they withstand animal weight. They avoid animal loss of balance and their special structure returns each time to the original shape. Both mat and covering cloth let the air passing under the animal avoiding irritations.

Dairy cattles

Dairy cattles

Dairy cattles

Electric brushes

They are the best solution for massaging and cleaning cattle's skin in a motorizing way. The brush can remove parasites and dust on animal's skin.

Dairy cattles Moving brush

Dairy cattles Fixed brush


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